Mortgage Pre-Approval

The first step is to know what you can afford. Unless you are buying with all cash, that means speaking to a lender to find what kinds of loans and assistance programs you would be approved for called your purchase power.

Create Your Needs List

We will discuss your wants and needs, your objectives and goals. From this information and the purchase power you have, we can begin to build your property search.

Let’s Go House Hunting

Once we identify some properties you think you’ll love within your budget, we can schedule to view them together in person. When we get there, we’ll discuss what you like and what you don’t like about the property. We will also make note of anything we notice that is of concern.

Finding the Right One

Okay, now that we’ve found some good top picks, it’s time to pick the one that stands out!

Writing the Offer

At this stage of the process, it is all about strategy. We will discuss the property value, competition you might have, and how to best structure your offer to win the home with favorable terms. We will do all we can to make your offer stand out!


Sometimes and more often than not, offer terms like closing dates need to be adjusted to meet both party’s needs. If the seller counters your offer, we will share this with you and figure out the best approach for responding to it.

Mutual Acceptance

Once we have agreed on all terms and both parties sign the contract, it has become fully executed and Mutual Acceptance has been reached. This is the beginning of the timeclock. Time is of the essence and both parties will need to act accordingly. If you have contingencies like a home inspection that expire before the closing date, those need to be addressed during the periods of time you have agreed upon. We will walk you through those timelines.

Quiet Time

While you are packing your boxes and preparing to move, know that our team is overseeing escrow, title, the appraiser, inspector and any other services needed during this period of time to make it as smooth and worriless as possible.

Signing the Closing Documents

Once the Escrow company working to close the transaction gets the loan documents from your lender, you’ll be scheduled to come in and sign the final paperwork for the purchase. You will need two forms of ID. If you are bringing in funds, you will need them in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. If you are wiring funds, be sure and get the wiring instructions directly from Escrow.

Recording the Sale and Getting Keys

Congratulations, you have now become a home owner. Once Escrow records the sale with the county, then the property is rightfully yours. You’ll finally get the keys to your new home!

After Closing

Even though the sale is over, our services do not end. If you have things come up or need to ask questions about the home, the transaction, how to open the mailbox, or whatever, our team is still here for you!