The Seller Experience

Top reasons you’ll love your listing when you work with us.

Stress Reduction

We know that selling your property can be very stressful and time consuming. It’s up there with taxes, marriage and divorce on the stress scale after all. But working with us will minimize the stress you have throughout the process. During our pre-listing consultation, our team will assist you in making a pre-sale action plan, to-do list, and timeline. Think of it as a roadmap that gets you from thinking of selling your home, to sold.


A lot goes into pricing a property effectively. It’s as much art as science and experience breeds wisdom which is what you get when using our team. We research. We understand that every property is unique, and we also have an excellent record of valuing properties appropriately to get maximum interest and maximum return for the property owner. We will discuss with you, strategies and options, and let you be the ultimate decider of where to price your property.


It all comes down to attracting buyers. We strive to create an experience and sell a vision, a feeling and emotion. Correct pricing only goes so far if you don’t have good marketing in place to attract buyers to see the value. We will coach you through what you need to do to prepare the home—repairs, improvements, decluttering and staging for the marketing photos and media. Humans are visual creatures and we believe in making use of that gift. We strive to show a property in its best light and our efforts have a proven track record in attracting buyers.


Our team plans and executes a robust blitz marketing campaign for our listings. Your property gets one chance to make an impact on consumers so it is important to have everything fully functional up front. Along with an individualized marketing plan, we use the industries best systems to host a campaign strategy ready to make your home stand out. Take a look at our Marketing Plan to see all that it entails.


Through our streamlined systems and processes, our goal is to keep you updated every step of the way. We are very accessible and quick in response. From outlining a clear process and mutual objectives up front, access to all documentation at all times electronically, and providing our sellers with feedback from broker showings, we commit to giving you unparalleled access to us throughout the entire process.


We aim to achieve the greatest possible outcome for our clients. We develop a relationship with the other side and try to understand their objectives and needs. We show respect and level-headedness to all and try to keep arguing and emotions by the other party non-existent. As an experienced and strong negotiator, Brad knows what it takes to create a win-win environment.

Team Approach

When you hire us to market and sell your property, you get our whole team working on your behalf. Not only are we are expertly trained in negotiations, but we pride ourselves on getting our sellers top dollar and our buyers their dream home, without overpaying. We view our clients as a part of our team and we want you to Thrive With Us.