May 23 2019

5 Must Have Apps for Current and Future Homeowners

Today we are rounding up our top five apps for current or future homeowners!

Anywhere from house hunting, home design, remodeling, and landscaping we’ve got you covered with apps that you will find yourself using over and over again. These apps stay on our phones at all times so you can trust that they are tried and true apps that we love and recommend!




Want to know the details on ANY home you walk by, nationwide by just taking a photo of it? Get property data, owner info and more for free.

It shows listed and unlisted property details so now you can snoop real-time on your neighborhood or even while on vacation! It makes walking around town a lot more fun and interesting.

To use, download app, open app, snap a photo of the property using the app. Enjoy!




This is the best app if you’re thinking of beginning a painting project. It allows you to virtually paint your walls with interactive virtual reality software. Just hold your phone up to the wall you want to paint and choose from any of the Sherwin-Williams colors to see what it looks like!

Another awesome feature is you can upload any photo of your choice that you want to draw inspiration from. It will select complementary colors from the photo providing you with a customized palette for your planning.

Download the ColorSnap app and you’ll have fun making the best color decisions!




We first used this app when designing our office and had to put this on our list to share with you. Wanting to maximize space to our advantage, the Roomle app was perfect for 2D/3D floor planning making sure we could fit everything in the room we wanted. It even allowed us to input our own measurements so we could be extremely precise.

You can build a virtual room in just a few minutes, inserting 3D furniture and getting an overall feel for the space you wouldn’t be able to on paper. Try out Roomle and you’ll see why we love it!




We did our research and Houzz is the number one app for improving and designing your home. Whether sourcing decorating ideas or looking into a big home renovation this app provides you with an amazing community who can offer their input and suggestions if you need some help deciding.

Another great feature is the connections they have with contractors, designers, or landscapers, although we have a list readily available to share with you as well so don’t hesitate to reach out to us first and see how we can help!




Ever been on a walk admiring your neighbor’s yard and wondered “What’s the name of that plant?” With PlantSnap, just snap a picture of any plant and immediately be connected with results of the plant species, along with care, growth regions, etc. We wouldn’t recommend this app if we didn’t try it out ourselves, and we give this two thumbs up!

We find that we love to take inspiration on walks around the neighborhood about plants that catch our eye during every season, and use that as inspiration for our own home garden and landscaping design.


We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your favorite apps you would recommend to current or future homeowners.
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Brad Howell