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What to Know About Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners insurance policy will protect you against certain losses and damage to your new home and is generally required by lenders prior to closing. Most lenders will collect the money you owe for homeowners insurance as part of your monthly mortgage payment and place...

Checklist: Your Mortgage Application

Every lender requires documents as part of the process of approving a mortgage loan. Here are documents you’re generally required to provide: W-2 Tax returns — or business tax returns if you're self-employed — for the last two or three years for every person signing...

5 Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

When placing your home on the market, it makes sense to make it shine no matter if it’s a seller’s market, or a buyer’s. If a buyer is looking at two similar homes (regardless of market) and we know they look at more than just...

How to Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs

The first step is to shop around; quotes on the same home can vary significantly from company to company. Review the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange Report. CLUE reports detail both you AND the subject property’s claims history for the last five years, which insurers may use...